Capital Asset Resources is a full service, capital asset procurement, leasing and financing company. Our goal is to help our clients maximize cash flow and the tax benefits of acquiring capital to grow and expand. Our specialty is leasing any and all vehicles and equipment, ranging from fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, medical equipment, restaurant equipment, agriculture equipment and oil/gas equipment.

Oil & Gas Equipment

Construction & Heavy Equipment

Medical Equipment

Farm & Agriculture Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Fleet Vehicles

Business Equipment

Capital Asset Resources provides:

  • 100% Financing *
  • Creative, customized lease structures to fit your needs
  • No mileage restrictions
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Off-Balance Sheet financing
  • Residuals are set based on the asset being leased

* 100% financing is provided on most leases.

Reasons to lease business equipment:

  • Saves Capital – Your cash won’t be tied up in fixed assets.
  • Improves Cash Forecasting – A set monthly payment helps with budgeting.
  • Equipment Upgrades – Obsolete equipment can ruin productivity.
  • Immediate Need – Get a critical piece of equipment right away.
  • Tax Deductions – Deduct lease payments as an operating expense.
  • End-of-term Options – Term is based on collateral.

The main reason why equipment leasing continues to grow is that leasing meets the needs of so many types and sizes of businesses. Established profitable companies lease equipment to keep bank credit lines open for other purposes. Young, start-up companies lease to conserve cash while businesses requiring state-of-the-art technology lease equipment to avoid outdated technologies and to preserve the ability to upgrade.

we provide equipment financing for all types of customers and all types of equipment, both new and used.

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