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Many of the bank’s current clients or prospective commercial customers are already obtaining capital financing outside of their banking relationship. With Capital Asset Resources’s help, the bank can capture additional lending relationships with commercial clients, that are already considered prime candidates, without sacrificing credit safety.

Our bank leasing products help you cross-sell a valuable financial service, which enhances your customer retention by protecting bank relationships and expanding depository opportunities.

This program provides commercial operating leases to customers of the bank. It is designed to offer customers flexible, competitive financing and lease terms for commercial equipment and vehicles.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% financing - You can finance up to 100% of the equipment cost. Often including, service fees, installation, and sales tax
  • Conserve cash and lines of credit – Help your clients conserve cash for operating costs.
  • Customized solutions - Highly competitive rates, flexible financing terms with a structure designed to meet your client’s specific requirements.
  • Flexibility - At the end of the lease term the lessee may elect to either purchase the equipment, trade into new equipment/vehicle or roll the lease into a new restructured term for further use with current established equity.
  • No additional expense - Providing your bank customers with equipment leasing options without the expense of additional staff and dedicated office space.
  • Diversification - Adding to the diversification and growth of the bank’s assets.


Together, we form a partnership that recruits and retains the absolute best customers!


Why work with us?

  • We are Proactive – We want to make sure that we are looking ahead to benefit everyone involved.
  • Our Focus – Our program includes financing for both established companies as well as emerging enterprises. We know and understand how to work with both.
  • Knowledgable Staff – we can customize each lease while offering multiple leasing options at various terms which takes the burden off you.
  • Personal Service – Every client is important to us. Our expertise in leasing is an added service for you.
  • Speed and Flexibility – Leasing gives you the ability to respond quickly to a client and as your client’s business grows you now have alternatives to traditional financing.


The Leasing Process:

For additional information about the leasing process or how to get your financial institution signed up for the program please contact one of our experienced staff from our banking division.