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Why Choose Capital Asset Resources?

Our lease structures allow you to take advantage of the tax benefits that true operating leases provide.

  • Capital Availability

    For today’s business owner capital availability is the difference between success or failure, growth or stagnation, expansion or contraction.

  • Purchasing Power

    We have the purchasing power to get our clients what they need, when they need it while saving them thousands of dollars.

  • Convenience

    Your time is costly. Don’t unnecessarily spend valuable time to apply for loans, expansion of your working capital needs, or completing paperwork. Let us work for you.

  • Our Client Relationship

    Once you are a Capital Asset Resources client, we take the lender submission burden from you. Our lender portfolio encompasses over 25 lending institutions.

  • Diversity

    We bring your business into our portfolio, so you have access to our banking relationships. This allows you to retain your current bank relationship while expanding into others.

  • Service

    Our service is like no other leasing company’s service we go above and beyond to help our clients and our vendors.