Commercial Leasing

We lease all tangible depreciating
assets for our clients.



Our Specialty

Our lease structure allows you to take advantage of tax benefits that
our true operating leases provide.

Complete Solutions

Our team will maximize business tax savings while keeping
your capital liquid for continued growth in your company.



For Any Industry

We lease all vehicles and equipment such as fleets, heavy equipment,
medical equipment, agriculture equipment, and oil & gas equipment.

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Our Specialty is
Commercial Leasing

Since 2011, Capital Asset Resources has been providing small businesses and corporations unique solutions in acquiring assets to promote business growth. Our experience, expertise and strong business relations with vendors, financial institutions and clientele allows us to locate the asset, negotiate the purchase price and arrange delivery of the product. Utilizing Capital Asset Resources allows you to maximize your business tax savings while keeping your capital liquid for continued growth in your company.
Our proactive approach is unprecedented in the leasing industry. Once you are a Capital Asset Resources client, we take the lender submission burden from you. Our lender portfolio encompasses over 30 lending institutions in Texas and beyond. We bring your business into our portfolio so you have access to our banking relationships. This allows you to retain your current bank relationship while expanding into others.

Capital Asset Resources adds value to your company's growth by:

  • One stop shop for all your financing needs.
  • Financial review of your P&L/Balance Sheet.
  • Advice on structuring your growth.
  • Portfolio participation – your company is now part of a larger dynamic to bring better services to you.
  • Faster approval and processing.
  • Access to multiple vehicle and equipment sources.

Leasing Equipment Is ASmart Way Of Doing Business.

Why Choose Us

We have the purchasing power to get our clients what they need, when they need it while saving them both time and money along the way.

Equipment Leasing

Our specialty is leasing any and all vehicles and equipment, ranging from fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, medical equipment, restaurant equipment, agriculture equipment and oil/gas equipment.

Dedicated Team

Our team will maximize your business tax savings while keeping your capital liquid for continued growth in your company.

Industry Leasing

We lease all tangible depreciable assets for our clients.

Our experienced staff and sales team have a vast understanding of the industry. Some examples of agriculture equipment include combines, cotton balers, hay balers, tractors, crop dusters, grain drills, sprayers, field cultivators, trailers, and more.

Our experienced team can get you everything you need for your athletic or sports center. Some examples of this include golf carts buildings and structures, sports or athletic equipment, weight equipment, rubber flooring, mirrors, security systems, locker-room furnishings, signage, studio equipment, turf and much more.

The car industry is where it all started for us. We are very familiar with working with dealerships to provide our customers first class service and, in turn, giving our dealerships a leasing option. From fleet vehicles to personal vehicles used for business purposes, we can help you with all your automotive needs.

Need to lease a plane, a private or corporate jet, maybe even a helicopter? We have the capability of leasing large items in the aviation industry allowing you and your company to maintain your capital. Allow us to show you a different way of financing your aircraft.

Our experienced team can get you everything you need for your construction business that will fit in your budget and project requirements. Examples of construction equipment include excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, forklifts, skid steers, trenchers, boring machines, dump trucks, mixer trucks, fleet vehicles, trailers, and more.

We will help you acquire what you need to start or grow your operation. And, we make it possible with little or no down payment. We can assist with soft play areas, laser tag / maze equipment, film editing equipment, lighting, theatre seating, audio visual, outdoor inflatables, virtual simulator machines, catering vehicles, concession equipment, video game equipment, bowling center equipment, and much more.

We will help you acquire what you need to start or grow your fleet. And, we make it possible with little or no down payment. What types of vehicles and additional equipment can we help you finance while preserving current capital? Motor Coaches, Limousines, Shuttle Buses, Vans, Trailers, Trucks of all types, Rental Vehicles, Computers and Software, GPS Systems, Office Furnishings, Security Systems, Mobility Vehicle, and much more.

What can we help you finance while preserving current capital? Rack Mount Servers, Data Room Equipment, Network Operation Equipment,Desktops / Laptops, Security, Backup Systems, Battery Systems, Emergency Generators, Servers OS, Workstations / Modular Furniture, Software, Task Chairs, Peripheral Devices, Portable Media Storage and much more.

We can help you stay up to date with your manufacturing equipment without having to come out-of-pocket for the newest and best technology. Some examples of manufacturing equipment include laser welding machines, printers, processing machines, laser cutters, packaging machines, laser engraving machines, and more.

Another industry we can dive into includes marine related vessels such as boats and yachts or marine related equipment including docks and marinas.

Constantly evolving technology in the medical industry may limit options for leasing. However, our experienced team takes a proactive approach in keeping you up to date with the latest technology available. Examples of medical equipment include CT scanners, x-ray machines, MRI’s, ultrasounds, medical lasers, medical beds, and so much more.

We have many clients in the oil and gas industry, and we are very familiar with its volatility. We stay up to date with the market and watch it closely. Some examples of oilfield equipment include lay flat hose, frac trucks, mud pumps, tractors, vac trailers, piping trucks, power swivels, fleet vehicles, drilling equipment, trailers and more.

We realize that fully equipping a professional office can be costly and we have a solution just for you. From furniture, phone systems, computer systems, televisions, etc., we can structure a lease to fit your office needs.

We understand that restaurant equipment can add up quickly and is essential for your business. Some examples include multifunction cookers, open burners, walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and more.

We can assist you in aquiring Retail Merchandising Units, Security Cameras and Systems, LED Lighting and Solar Panels, Sweepers, Trucks, Parking Lot Equipment, Kiosks and Signage, Sound Systems Food Court Furniture, Staging and Stanchions, Security and Maintenance Vehicle and much more. All with little or no down payment or deposit.

It is extrememly important for municipalities and school districts to keep their capital and funds for other means rather than equipment and vehicles. Having the option to lease school buses, police cars, fire trucks, and service vehicles allows them to do so.

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